What We Do For our customers


Investment Portfolio Management

We work with each of our clients in order to build the correct investment opportunity. We mix and match their investment and operating objectives by assessing our customers' risk tolerance, desired involvement in day to day operations, and expected return windows. We then work to present an array of "outside the box" opportunities.

Corporate Consulting and Operations

Successful businesses are started with a great idea and a true visionary to guide them to fruition. Over time, there are many factors that can stress this relationship and can cause it to fade. This can range from an unwillingness to recognize fail points, or an inability to recognize cost centers that are becoming a decaying factor to the business, instead of a beneficial element. In that instance you need a trained entity to come in, unburden the relationship, and return it back to where it began. MWG and its group of experienced, knowledgeable operators excel at this for our clients.     

Capital and Infrastructure Re-Alignment

During the operation of a successful business there comes times when, for a variety of reasons, the need for capital can arise. Whether it is from growth, sales, funding, or short term needs, this is where we can help. MWG has funded and assisted many companies through capital needs, whether it is used as a debt instrument, an equity share, or an alignment loan. Along with the capital infusion, MWG will also bring it's management and operational toolset to aid it's partners as they experience these events.